Ethiopia - Roba Family 250g Coffee Beans

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Region - Yigacheffe

Varieties - Heirloom
Certifications - Micro lot
Altitude - 1900-2700

Processes - Washed
Roast profile - Light
Flavor profile - Clean Classic Ethiopian Bergamott 

Roba Family washing station

The Roba Family washing station is located in the Gotiti kebele, which is surrounded by the Gedeb woreda (Gedeo zone). The 30-hectare area is encircled by the Banko and Raku rivers. Coffee cultivation practices in this area are dominated by indigenous agroforestry; a farming style which promotes tree and crop diversity. Meaning that coffee trees are surrounded by false banana (Enset), cereal, and fruit crops.

The coffee trees in this area are found at heights ranging from 1900 – 2700 m.a.s.l., which is one of the key elements of success for Yirgacheffe coffees. Most parts of the Gedeb woreda receive sufficient amounts of rainfall during the summer (called the Kermet season, June to September). The temperatures near the Gotiti kebele vary between 21 °C and 29 °C by day, and 9.8 °C and 17 °C by night.

Roba Family washing station is headed by three brothers from the Roba family, namely: Kefyalew, Bekele, and Tesfaye. All three share an academic background in Forestry, Geography, Population, Environment and development, and management. Their knowledge benefits the daily operations of the Roba Family washing station and the strategic decision making for the Roba and Families Coffee Industry.

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