Brazil - Pedra Branca 250g Coffee Beans

125 kr 

  • Brazil - Pedra Branca 250g Coffee Beans
  • Brazil - Pedra Branca 250g Coffee Beans

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Region - Carmo de Minas

Varieties - Yellow Bourbon
Certifications - Micro lot
Altitude - 1600m

Processes - Washed (anaerobic fermentation in coffee juice)
Roast profile - Light
Flavor profile - Sweet soft mouthfeel and delicate light acidity in the aftertaste. 

This is a Micro lot from Pedra Branca, one of Carmo Coffees dry mill where they also do experiments. This Coffee has been anaerobic fermented for 72h in its  Coffee juice called Musto in Brazil. This experiment process created a very fruity taste with full body and long after taste.

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