Rwanda - Nyakarenzo 250g

135 kr

Taste profile: Acidic full mouthfeel with notes of brown sugar and lingonberry.

Cultivation altitude: 1100m
Region: Veracruz
Harvest time: November - March
Species: Sarchimor
Process: Fermented in water without skin contact
Rust profile: Light
Color profile: 120-130CTn

Juan Martinez, arrived in Xalapa, Mexico from Spain in the mid-19th century. Today, the Martinez family continues its tradition of managing the land in Coatepec in Veracruz and growing excellent specialty coffee.

In 2018, the Martinezes began renovating the farm with the intention of reviving the soil's natural fertility. They started using organic fertilizers and compost to nourish the soil and planting with coffee leaf rust (CLR). This lot consists of Sarchimor, a CLR-resistant variety that is the result of a cross between Villa Sarchi (a natural Bourbon hybrid) and Timor.

Coffee is selectively handpicked by workers and processed on the farm. The coffee berries are peeled with an ecopulper and then placed in concrete tanks to ferment. After fermentation, the coffee is washed in clean water and dried in mechanical dryers for 70 hours. The parchment then rests on the farm for 60 days before being transported to the cooperative dry mill.

Sarchimor is a "family" of varieties that are hybrids of a Coffee Leaf Rust Resistant (CLR) hybrid from East Timor and Villa Sarchi (a natural Bourbon mutation, like Caturra and Pacas). Sarchimor is a good blend of the flavor profile of Bourbon (via Villa Sarchi, a close genetic relative of Bourbon) and the resilience of the disease-resistant hybrid from East Timor. There are several well-known Sarchimor cultivars, including Marsellesa and Parainema.