Indonesia - Ketiara 250g

85 kr
Taste profile: Full-bodied strong coffee with spicy notes of licorice root and tobacco.
Region: Aceh

Species: Gayo 1, Tim-Tim, Catimor
Cultivation altitude: 1400m
Process: Gilling Basha   
Rust profile: Medium dark
Color profile: 75-85CTn

Our coffee comes from the Mahara cooperative, an exciting young cooperative in Gayo that our master roaster had the pleasure of visiting in early 2019. The cooperative was established in 2015 and has 460 organically certified members spread over five villages and two sub-districts in the central Aceh district.

It has 12 delegates, 12 collectors and 12 buying stations that buy the coffee berries or parchment for the members. Over time, it is hoped to encourage all members to supply only berries, to help centralize coffee processing and further improve the already hugely impressive quality.

Mahara's board is young and eager, learning all they can from the coffee experts around them. We found that they were truly driven to achieve the highest possible quality with their work and for the interest of their members. The cooperative's vision and mission is about promoting the welfare of the members and especially society. The group's enthusiasm extends to the workers in the mill and warehouse. When we visited the mill in Harapan Bersama (which supports the Mahara cooperative), the young women managers were happy to work with us. We are excited to encourage this next generation of growers and producers through the exchange of experiences.