Brazil - Fazenda Santa Inês 250g

85 kr

Taste profile: Sweet, soft full-bodied with notes of honey, chocolate and nuts.

Cultivation altitude: 1100 - 1300m above sea level
Region: Carmo de Minas
Harvest time: May to July
Type: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Fermented with shell contact
Rust profile: Intermediate light
Color profile: 90-100CTn

The coffee plantation is located on the outskirts of the town of Carmo de Minas. The plantation has been owned by the Pereira family since 1979. The farm is 250 Hectares and they grow different species of coffee, but we buy in the yellow Arabica species Bourbon, which is allowed to ripen slowly in the sun with the skin on to develop a sweet full-bodied character. In 2005, the farm was named Brazil's finest plantation with a score of 95.85, which no other coffee has achieved in the history of the Cup of Excellence.