Brazil - Santuario Sul 120g

95 kr

Taste profile: Floral fruity sour with notes of another and mango

Area: Carmo de Minas
Cultivation altitude: 1300m
Species: Geisha
Process: Spontaneous fermentation with shell contact
Harvest period: May - August
Color profile: 120-130CTn

The Sanctuary Farm is a project that was born out of a goal to stay ahead of market trends.
It is not easy to start planning with plans to bring coffee from different regions of the world to create a new profile of Brazilian coffee.
The coffee grown here reflects the tenacity of Luiz Paulo and his partners.
Today, in addition to the traditional Brazilian varieties (such as yellow bourbon), the estate has more than 30 exotic varieties of coffee, differentiated cultivation methods (such as shade plantation) and innovative processes (New flavors).
The southern part of the farm is next to one of the most traditional farms in Carmo de Minas, Irmas Pereira, where they process their coffee.
The varieties planted there are very carefully monitored in order to offer the best results within the climatic conditions found in the region.
In addition, Luiz Paulo himself always makes sure to taste the first samples of each of these coffees.
In the coming years, Luiz Paulo has no doubts: "The goal is to always be at the forefront of the market and offer higher quality!"