Indonesia - Ketiara 250g Coffee Beans

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  • Indonesia - Ketiara 250g Coffee Beans
  • Indonesia - Ketiara 250g Coffee Beans

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Region - Aceh

Varieties - Jember and TimTim
Certifications - Organic, Fairtrade FLO
Altitude - 1200 - 1500 masl.

Processes - Semi-washed
Roast profile - Medium dark
Flavor profile - Fully body, Spicy with strong and long aftertaste.

The Ketiara co-operative is women lead. Twenty years ago, the chairwoman started to purchase cherries and process these into green coffee. After picking the cherries, the farmers bring the cherries to the collector for pulping and drying to 35-40%. When the coffee reaches the desired moisture level, it is delivered to the cooperative’s central processing plant in Takengon. There the coffee is hulled and dried to export levels. Afterwards, the coffee undergoes final sorting by hand and electronic color sorter.

All coffee that the co-operative produces is 100% organic and grows under natural shade, producing high quality coffee. She started by selling to local traders, but in late 2008, she organized farmers to form a co-operative which was established in 2009 with 38 members. Now, Ketiara has become one of the most recognized coffee suppliers in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra. Surrounded by the Gunung Leuser National Park, the co-op consists of 897 members and covers an area of 836 hectares in total. Besides growing coffee, the farmers grow staple crops and fruits.

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